Man Photoshops Himself Towards Celebrity Images

Patrick Thorendahl, better called Peeje T., has actually a distinctive method of approaching the performers and superstars he really loves. In the place of elbowing through crowds of people or entering loaded arenas to get a distant glimpse of larger-than-life characters, he cozies as much as all of them yourself through the miracle of Photoshop.

Peeje makes use of this system to digitally adjust himself into photos along with forms of Hollywood performers, pop music feeling and popular professional athletes. Why is the photos better yet, nevertheless, is the fact that a lot of them place Peeje in embarrassing as well as scandalous circumstances. He appears to be infatuated with Hollywood beauties Kim Kardashian and Beyonce – he’s created many photos of himself investing intimate times collectively while their particular husbands scowl jealously through the sidelines.

And we’re not the sole ones that discover their images funny – he’s over 110,000 supporters on Instagram and over 11,000 on Twitter. Take a look at their photographs here!

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