Folks Informed Her To Get Rid Of Her Birthmark, But She Made A Decision To Accept It Alternatively

22-year-old expert performer Cassandra Naud came to be with a sizable birthmark under her remaining attention, and even though she begged for a procedure to get rid of it inside her childhood, she today will not get one – she also claims that she appreciates her special appearance and it assists her get noticed inside her area.

The Alberta, Canada-based performer had been teased throughout her childhood for the birthmark, that is additionally covered in hair (hypertrichotic), but her moms and dads had been afraid to work about it for anxiety so it would keep big scars on her behalf face. Keep reading to get more of her tale!

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Cassandra Naud was created with a hairy birthmark under her remaining attention

Numerous have actually recommended that she eliminate it, but she refuses

In reality, she embraces her stand-out appearance

“My birthmark is an enormous section of me personally. It creates myself special and unforgettable, that will be particularly essential for the career I’ve chosen”

This hasn’t ended her from finding love, often!

She declined plastic cosmetic surgery whenever she discovered it may scar her face

“I don’t often deal with bias, but one representative said to Photoshop my birthmark away from my mind shots”

“Wanting to kindly, we decided in the beginning, despite experiencing shocked they’d asked. However We changed my head”

It wasn’t constantly an easy task to be confident – Naud had been teased in school

“Their harsh remarks had been difficult to cope with and I’d often react tears. We felt ugly – whether or not limited to that moment”

“Times tend to be altering, so don’t stress about searching typical. Don’t allow bullies end you and stay happy with your individuality”

“Having a birthmark differentiates me – and I also don’t believe this has previously held myself straight back”

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