• I’ve Colourised Pictures Of Females Battling For Equal Liberties From 100 Years Back

    “We tend to be right here, maybe not because we’re lawbreakers; we’re right here within our attempts to come to be lawmakers” Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928). Tuesday 6th February 2018 markings the centenary of this Representation for the folks Act 1918 in Britain, which granted voting rights to females older than 30. As a photograph colouriser […] More

  • It had been Never A Dress: This Promotion Will Alter The Manner In Which You See Women’s Toilet Signs Forever

    Tania Katan, an activist, writer and programmer, developed a fun brand new concept for restroom indications that she hopes will “shift perceptions and presumptions about ladies additionally the audacious, sensitive and painful, and effective motions they make everyday.” Rather than the dress-wearing bathroom-sign figure we’re utilized to, her sign functions a lady in a superhero-style […] More